How social responsive is your company ?

A mystery shopping program for your Social Media presence.

Test your Community Management and compare it with your competitors’.


You invested time, effort and money in setting up a Social Media strategy. You hired Community Managers, internally or externally. You get regular reports and of course … “everything works fine and there are many challenges ahead”. But you only get in bulk reports or some extracts of conversations, often chosen by the Community Managers themselves. Right ?


How do you know your Community Managers actually meet the SLA ? Have you set the right KPI’s ? How long do they really take to answer your client urgent requests ? Do they give the right answer, fixing the bad buzz risks and opening cross or up-selling opportunities ?


At we evaluate the accuracy of your Social Media interactions, just as you check your retail network via your mystery shopping program. And just to be sure you do a better job than your competitors.

How does it work ?

The answer is simple : it works just the same way as a mystery shopping program … but for Social Media. We have hired a community of “Mystery Bloggers”. There are briefed to interact with your brand and channels on the Social networks, blogs, forums, … just with the questions, remarks, comments you want. Then we check how the interaction with your Social Media team happens and we Oh yes, one other important thing : we only work with real life profiles.

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